Things are heating up over here at Icinga – we are now at feature-freeze and Icinga 2 Beta is scheduled for next Tuesday. This is the best time to get your hands dirty with Icinga 2, and share your feedback.
Test… what? You ask. Well, maybe start with the basics. Vagrant up a virtual machine or download a package, jump onto our docs and get configuring. Give the following a go:

  • Define hosts, services and groups with the new “apply” and “assign where” rules
  • Write check, notification and event commands with conditional behaviour arguments
  • Apply notifications and import check templates to host and service objects
  • Play with runtime macros
  • Set recurring downtimes
  • Apply dependencies from service to host or vice versa
  • Try Livestatus or Graphite natively using icinga2-enable-feature / icinga2-disable-feature tools

Alongside our docs, take a look at our Icinga Template Library (ITL) for templates and command definitions. You will be amazed at how easy and flexible the new Icinga 2 format is.
Find a bug? Let us know on our dev tracker. See something missing from our docs? What the heck, send us a patch.
We have just 6 days to go and anything you can do will help make Icinga 2 Beta just that bit better. Thanks for making our work on Icinga 2 all worthwhile.