Download_Icinga1.11In true parallel development style, this week we bring you two releases – Icinga 2 v0.0.8 and today’s Icinga 1.11.

Download Icinga 1.11 off our new Github repo or use packages to enjoy improved usability and interoperability in the user interfaces, plus performance tweaks in the Core and IDOUtils.


Icinga Web v1.11 requires IDOUtils from Icinga Core v1.11 due to new queries on, and database fields in the IDO.


Usability enhancements were in no short supply in the Classic UI this time round. From additional modified attribute filters, group notes and action URL links, to a suite of logos for host and service icons, as well as support for gzip compressed logs, much inspiration was drawn from our user community.
We also thank our users for their contributions to the Core – Philip Matuskiewicz, Franky Van Liedekerke, Marco Hoyer, Tomas Dubec, Laurent Bigonville. These include new commands to enable and disable freshness checks by host or service; service escalations without host mapping and passive check-result processing corrections. An option for anonymous external command users in the logs has been added, and brings Icinga up to speed with data retention laws.
Interoperability was improved in this release, especially in IDOUtils’ use with Solaris and Oracle, and Icinga Web’s consistent operation across all browsers (including IE) thanks to an upgrade to ExtJS Icinga Web also features jump links from performance views to the related host and services, alongside a reload progress bar including caching as well as static macro expansion for {action,notes_url} (thanks Immobilienscout24 for sponsoring these 2 features!) and changes to guarantee uniformity in time zone handling.
See the full change logs  for more, and download Icinga 1.11 while you’re at it. Should you come across a bug or idea for a good new feature, do not hesitate to share on our development tracker and feedback channel. Even better, hop on our dev mailing list to chat – we’re looking for Icinga Reporting buffs for future releases. Thanks again to all those who contributed their bit to Icinga 1.11!



  • Added commands for {en,dis}able freshness checks per host/service (thanks Philip Matuskiewicz) -#5422 #4430
  • Added state history entries for newly added services (check result with OK state) – #3854
  • Added option to make external command user in Icinga log anonymous – #5689 
  • Allow exclude (!) to work for regexp matches for hosts (thanks Franky Van Liedekerke) – #5324 
  • Fixed passive check result processing for host checks (Marco Hoyer) – #5671 
  • Accept service escalations without host mapping (Tomas Dubec) – #5697

Classic UI

  • Added status.cgi modifed_attributes filter parameter – #4880
  • Added “current_notification_number” to JSON output of hosts and services in status.cgi – #5370
  • Added group notes and action URL links to status summary, overview and grid – #5301
  • Integrated a range of logos – #4057
  • Added support for gzip compressed logs – #4519
  • Time picker no longer resets time in input field – #5239


  • ido2db should check database schema on start up, and bail early on errors – #5272
  • Wait for child processes on exit preventing zombies (Laurent Bigonville) – #4427
  • Fixed errors in oracle.sql with timed event sequences – #5688 
  • Fixed SEGV in ido2db and idomod syslog call in Solaris – #5687, #5686 
  • Allow agent_version to store more than 16 chars – #5731


  • Time zone handling now consistent in duration and command fields – #4983, #5713
  • Expanded macros in action_url and notes_url (Immobilienscout24) – #1882
  • Added reload progress bar (Immobilienscout24) – #5098 #5107
  • Added jump links to host and service status from performance view - #4984
  • Upgraded to ExtJS framework – #5620