Two Icinga 1.x and 5 Icinga 2 milestone releases later, we look back on a successful 2013.
Icinga 1.x got a performance boost, while Classic UI received new click custom filters, and live search. We gave Icinga Web a facelift a new Cronk menu, flexible drag-n-drop style filters, as well as new ‘problems’ Cronk views.
In parallel we released 5 milestone technology previews of Icinga 2. It now stands as a worthy drop-in replacement to Nagios and Icinga 1.x. – boasting break-neck speeds, a migration script, support for Livestatus, graphing addons and clustering all out-of-the-box.
If that wasn’t enough, we started a new project – Icinga Web 2 and introduced auto-built Icinga packages on the side.
When we weren’t developing, we were out and about at Chemnitz Linux Days, the OSMC, DevOpsDays London and brainstorming in the Linux Hotel.

Though the community was just as busy – not only sending in patches, reporting bugs and adding to new features, but also in writing guides and even publishing the very first German and English language books on Icinga.
Perhaps this surge in activity also explains why Icinga made it to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and Audi’s production lines amongst Icinga Users this year.
Yes, we’re proud to say, 2013 was a massive year – we can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.