For some time now, Debian and Ubuntu users have enjoyed the convenience of auto-built packages from Formorer’s Icinga build server.
Now, we’re proud to announce for auto-built Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2 packages in SuSE and OpenSuSE, EPEL and Fedora, as well as Debian and Ubuntu.
These are intended to supplement (not replace!) the official Icinga packages maintained by the respective distributions; their thorough release and testing cycles are indispensible for users who need Icinga packages intended for productive environments.
As our auto-built packages are created by our Jenkins build server, we recommend these for users who want the latest Icinga version for their test systems.
For each distro you can choose from a ‘release’ directory for the latest Icinga version or nightly ‘snapshot’ directory, if you want to test a specific new feature or fix.


Hit up and let us know how you go on our feedback channel or under the relevant project’s ‘Packaging’ category on the development tracker.