Download_Icinga2v0.0.4Yes. We have been incredibly fast with our Icinga 2 releases of late – but this time we present our 4th and most significant milestone to date. Icinga 2 v0.0.4 is our drop-in replacement to Nagios and Icinga 1.x and is now fully compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, all plugins, the usual web interfaces and addons.
Why download this release if you already run Nagios or Icinga 1.x? Because its performance is through the roof*, it comes with a cluster stack and configuration migration script all built in. Now that we have Icinga 2 docs, a simple demo VM, and auto-built packages for most distros…  what are you waiting for?
Give Icinga 2 v.0.0.4 a go with Classic UI, Icinga Web, or even Thruk (Livestatus module included) and any of your favorite addons – Graphite, NagVis, etc.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts on it with us on the development tracker, mailing lists and IRC.
In a nutshell Icinga 2 v0.0.4 is

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible
  • Classic UI compatible – just install the icinga2-classicui-config package
  • Icinga Web & Icinga Reporting compatible – just icinga2-enable-feature ido-mysql
  • Livestatus enabled – for use with addons such as Thruk, NagVis, etc.
  • Ready for performance graphing – just icinga2-enable-feature perfdata to use with PNP4Nagios, Graphite, inGraph and others
  • Easy to configure – with a config migration script icinga2-migrate-config
  • Cluster ready – with library “cluster” and SSL communication

*Benchmark tests: 120,000 active checks per minute by a single Icinga 2 instance.


  • IDO: PostgreSQL support
  • IDO: implemented options to filter which kind of events are written to the database
  • Livestatus: implemented support for the log and statehist tables
  • Livestatus: implemented regex filters (~ and ~~)
  • Replaced autotools-based build system with cmake
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements