Button_Download_BetaIcinga 1.10 Beta is now available on Sourceforge for you to play with. Take a peek at our new features and fixes and let us know what you think. While you’re at it, pay special attention to:


Configurations can now use “exclude (!)” with regexp (#3720, thanks liedekef), sources can be determined for check results (#4709), and we’ve added manpages from the Debian upstream (#4055) as well as an Icinga syntax plugin for Vim (#4150, thanks glen).
To make configuration file changes, please check for added/removed config options in Core, IDOUtils and Classic UI.


When upgrading your IDOUtils database, please check for upgrade SQL scripts in: ${source}/module/idoutils/db/<yourrdbms>/upgrade/
You now have the option to automatically delete old records from the downtime history (#3989), disable customvar status updates (#4479) and see the relevant object_id in log entries (#4754).

Classic UI

We now have new clickable custom filters (#852) as promised, live search (#1657), tables displaying custom variables (#4390) and even a new config option to display partial service groups (#2740).
See the full Core, IDOUtils & Classic change log for more details.

Icinga Web

When installing please note that Icinga Web 1.10 requires IDOUtils from Icinga Core 1.10 (#4764).
We’ve added new “All Problems” Cronks (#4167), menu categories (#4807) and state types (#3529) to the grids. Notifications can now also be disabled with expire time globally (#3888).
See the full Web change log for more details.
With the final release just around the corner, we thank you for helping us test Icinga 1.10. Bug reports are welcome, as is any other feedback on our development tracker and IRC devel channel.
Till next week!