Recently Team Icinga released a new core version 1.9.2 with significantly increased performance in the IDO component. All team members invest a lot of their time to make Icinga better and better, but sometimes we are really glad to receive some external support. In this particular case ImmobilienScout24 helped us by sponsoring the necessary changes to the code base via a project supporter.
In detail, Icinga 1.9.2 features a number of changes to the IDO database module, which should greatly improve performance when using MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database backend.

  • First of all support for database transactions is now enabled by default. This should reduce I/O on the database server
  •  Where possible, multiple queries are merged into one query (e.g. when updating the is_active column for more than one object)
  •  Thanks to improvements to the object cache a significant number of queries can be eliminated – thereby reducing the number of required database round-trips
  • Reduced network round-trips by removing redundant pings before each query

logo_is24With about 10 million unique visitors each month ImmobilienScout24 is the biggest and most popular German web marketplace for real estate. The company has its headquarter in Berlin and has about 600 employees. ImmobilienScout24 is on the market for about 15 years and supports Open Source solutions.
Again, we are happy for their support in helping us make Icinga the best monitoring tool on the planet!