icingadbUnfortunately a fix for an ugly libdbi bug causing bad performance was applied not only for MySQL, but also Postgresql causing wrong queries. It slipped through testing and silently made 1.9.2 a faulty IDOUtils Postgresql release. My bad, sorry for that (Sundays are always sleepy 😉 ).
Other than that Eric approached me last week with an init script bug, not returning the correct lsb exit codes when called with ‘status’ – I’ve already fixed that for 1.10 but it’s now backported into 1.9.3 too.
So, if you’re happy with 1.9.2 stick with it. If you are using Postgresql, fetch 1.9.3 from Github as usual. Target bug reports towards https://dev.icinga.com or join the various community channels at https://icinga.com/support 🙂