There has been plenty of feedback on the newly introduced IDOUtils socket queue, and also reports on problems in larger installations. Gunnar and Carl did a marvellous job on addressing those issues with fixes, while community members Jason Young, Karsten Sühring and Yannik Charton sent patches for Icinga Core, Classic UI and IDOUtils making the 1.9 release tree even better. Thanks guys!
Bringing that together into 1.9.2download the tarball, or wait for packagers pushing their package updates. Please report any bugs and/or feature requests to the dev tracker, or join the community support channels with your questions 🙂

  • core: fix bug with non-ASCII (> 127) illegal macro output characters on char-to-int cast (Jason Young) #4211
  • core: bail early if main config file cannot be read
  • classic ui: fixed searching hostgroup results in wrong ‘all’ view filter urls #4206
  • classic ui: fix URL construction issue in icinga_reload_scroll_position() javascript (Karsten Sühring) #4233
  • idoutils: fix mysql: output/perfdata limits cut escaped string leaving ” at the end (Yannik Charton) #4196
  • idoutils: bugfixes for socket queue, transactions and libdbi handling #4049
  • idoutils: fix ido2db gradually consumes more and more CPU time with time #4210
  • idoutils: fix wrong clob freeing in eventhandlers #4357

Yet again, Icinga Web requires your help and feedback on resolving the issues making 1.9.1 possible!
PS: Those waiting for news on Icinga2 – we’re on a good way …