icinga_coreThere was a regression on writing the objects.cache during Icinga Core restart (only happened with config verification -v), debugged and fixed by Christian Ruppert – thanks! In Classic UI, the JSON export had a bug on unicode character export which is now fixed too. Last but not least, there was an error with reloading multiple idomod neb modules resulting in core segfaults, now being fixed in 1.9.1 as well.
As usual, fetch Icinga 1.9.1 from sourceforge, and report bugs to our development tracker, as well as look for support on the various community channels.

  • core: fix objects.cache does not get updated on (re)start, but config verify #4155
  • classic ui: fixed UNICODE characters in JSON output from getting discarded #4193
  • idoutils: fix segfaults on reload with multiple neb modules of the same binary #4033

PS: Web and Reporting bugfix releases will follow once they are ready 🙂