Download Icinga 1.9What could be better to celebrate Icinga’s 4th birthday with a new Icinga release? We’ve resolved the last release-critical issues and are happy to announce the release of Icinga 1.9!
Icinga IDOUtils now uses a socket queue and transactions for large object dumps by default. With asynchronous data processing, the core is not only freed of bottlenecks, but core reload times are also significantly reduced - from minutes to seconds in larger setups. This was a useful byproduct of our Icinga 2 prototyping.
In the Icinga Core, we’ve added various performance enhancements, including community contributions – thanks to Michael Lucka, Viranch Metha and Alexander Sulfrian! Kudos to Andreas Ericsson from Nagios and the Op5 team for their patches too.
Icinga Classic UI  has also been given a performance boost, now using hash compare when reading status and object files. We’ve improved its user-friendliness in large organisations too, adding config options to set expiry and send notifications for acknowledgements by default. As of v1.9, Icinga Classic UI can be installed as a standalone component, giving you the option to implement additional dashboard installs and us the ability to develop Icinga2 and its compat layer more efficiently.
Usability was the main focus in Icinga Web v1.9. It now ships with the new list-style cronk menu you voted for, and features better user-restrictions handling, whereby *groups or custom variables and combinations of them can be used. We’ve also made filtering much more flexible, enabling multiple combined attributes in drag-n-drop style (thanks Geberit AG).
In Icinga Reporting the availability report parser is now available in contrib/ and its files have been restructured a bit, alongside various bug fixes.
As usual, we’ve updated Icinga Docs with all these changes and spruced up the Icinga Web introduction with new screenshots. We’ve also revised the beginners guide to feature a comparison of the two user interfaces, for greater clarity.
Special Update Notes for Icinga Web: There’s a new apache configuration which requires your attention. Remove all existing .htaccess files – they are now obsolete  Last but not least, the order.deny rules were removed in favor of supporting Apache 2.4 (re-add those if your setup requires them).
You will find our top 7 picks for each subproject below. Further details can be found in the Core / Web / Reporting change logs.
Icinga 1.9 is available for download on Github. Packages and demo VMs should soon follow. As always, please do not hesitate to report bugs and/or feature requests, join the community support channels with questions and discussions and last but not least, spread the word for Icinga 🙂

  • Increased core performance on config read with hash compare #3722
  • Keep logfile open, reduce open/close performance decreases #3390
  • Enhanced performance on illegal macro and host-service relation processing #3389 #3820
  • Added skipping of status.dat/objects.cache write by setting to /dev/null #3819
  • Fixed host_check last_check == next_check wrong in scheduling queue #2195
  • Fixed triggered downtimes for child hosts are missing after restart #2688
  • Fixed unable to exclude hostgroups when using nested host groups #2619

Classic UI

  • Increased performance with hash compare on host/service show/filter #3722
  • Added date/time selector to logfile navigation #3168
  • Enabled Classic UI to be installed standalone (Icinga2 compat) #3869
  • Added config options for acknowledgement notifications and expiry #3467 #3476
  • Added ‘executed command’ to extinfo.cfg linking to command expander #3901
  • Added process status to JSON response #3172
  • Added lighttp config examples #2253


  • Use transactions for large object dumps #3527
  • Added socket queue proxy (reduce core reload time significantly) #3533
  • Oracle: change output columns to clob #3412
  • Fixed memory leaks in idomod/ido2db #3749
  • Added workaround fix for num_rows_affected broken in libdbi/mariadb, returned ids are 0 #3728


  • Revamped credential system, better grouping of permissions and performance #3715
  • New and smaller Cronk menu design, showing the cronks as a list #3396
  • New filtering window which allows detailed and combined filters #3268
  • Many small interface improvements #3511 #3430 #3896
  • New Apache configuration, making the .htaccess files obsolete #2759
  • Search in admin user- / group dialog #3909
  • PENDING are now shown for any new host or service in the database #2602 #3844


  • Added AvailReportParser into contrib/ (standalone) #3978
  • Reorganized directory structure #3742
  • Fixed image expression in PNP4Nagios template #3693
  • Fixed state replacement in morning report #3752
  • Fixed rounding error with small numbers #3942


  • Added upgrade/troubleshooting notes about invisible icinga web cronks/modules after upgrade #3939
  • Make install-webconf-auth installs htpasswd.user with icingaadmin credentials #3964
  • Icinga Web 1.9: New menu style (smaller icons) #3944
  • Icinga Web 1.9: New filtering methods #3947
  • Added userpreferences.xml to icinga web configs #3991
  • Added web gui comparison to beginners #3907
  • Middle-clicking on TOC links now opens pages in new tab #3561