Icinga turns four today, surpassing the 300,000th download while preparing for a celebration release and second technology preview soon to come.
This past year has been marked by the launch of the Icinga 2 development branch, our Nagios core rewrite and replacement framework. Meanwhile we’re still making headway on the Icinga 1.x branch; we’ve continued to improve performance the core, made packaging it easier and enabled notifications to be deactivated with expiry program-wide. Classic UI has received date picker, pagination and regex-based search functions, while Icinga Web a new credentials model, events in grid views and global master configuration cronk. Alongside a bunch of new reports, Icinga Reporting got a facelift, as did Icinga Docs.
All this development has been captured in both our git.icinga.com and on Ohloh. Though what speaks most is the continued growth in our user community. The Icinga Users is nearing 100 and boasts ever-larger environments such as the > 40,000+ services at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider experiments.
While we look back, we too look ahead. As we head into our 5th year we have Icinga 1.9 and 1.10 releases planned on top of an Icinga 2 release candidate to come at the OSMC; ideally complimented with swift packaging and testing (helpers welcome).
We hope to forge ahead with your continued support on the mailing lists, forum, dev tracker, wiki and social channels. Cheers to all Icinga fans and friends – four years on and we’re still going strong!