On our roadmap for our next release is a redesigned Cronk menu for Icinga Web 1.9. We’re thinking of replacing the current large icons with smaller icons in a list view, by default:
Current default Icinga Web menu: Large Cronk icons
Proposed new default Icinga Web menu: List with small icons
As we’re all about flexibility and customization, we will ensure you can switch between them and add some example configuration lines to guide you in our Icinga Docs.
But before we get carried away, we thought we’d ask you our user community first – what would you prefer as a default view?
[poll id=”12″]
Our poll will close on 20th April 2013 to give us some time to implement the majority-preferred menu. So till then, add your vote and help shape the next Icinga Web 1.9 . As always, suggestions are welcome in the comments below.