We are releasing the latest bug fix release for Icinga Web, version 1.8.2, today.
The update includes many fixes and some big performance improvements. Special thanks to all testers and patch authors!
Icinga Web 1.8.2 is available for download on Sourceforge.net – packagers will update their packages soon 🙂
Please keep in touch through the support channels and report bugs and/or feature requests to our development tracker.

  • Bugfix update of contrib businessprocess-icinga-cronk #3690
  • Fix Cronk listing – hide hidden Cronks from userdisplay #3569
  • Fix session handling for creation and destruction #3530
  • Fix missing change on the DB model of NsmTarget #3652
  • Reporting Module: fix servicegroup reports (thx jschanz, wolle) #3503
  • icinga-web.spec: several updates (see changlog within) (includes #3526 #3452)
  • Fix missing comma in Api Target SERVICE #3588
  • status cronk: state filter urls don’t work, sql exception in json #3515
  • wrong selects not working with other databases than mysql #3330 (overlapping with the performance tweaks and fixed there)
  • Fixed wrong credentials being given when user without credentials is being created #3423
  • Fix for AdvancedHoststatusColumnRenderer when db returns object id as a number (thx to crysmi, #3417)
  • Fixed wrong hard state filter (service views)
  • Removed wrong columnWidth definition crashing IE #3485 (thx tgelf)
  • Fix case handling with LDAP user attributes
  • Some smaller fixes, including fixes for IE and php 5.4


  • Several performance tweaks
  • Caching of permissions in the user session (cronks, hosts, services, etc.)
  • XML template caching
  • Squishloader performance (javascript / css)
  • Added memcache session provider #2035
  • Added hard states to views
  • Added host_status field for host view, should fix #3492
  • Added hostgroup_object_id filter
  • Removing authid requirement from LDAP Auth #3473