As we bid 2012 farewell, we’ve found some time to look back on a big year for Icinga.

This year will be remembered for the announcement of Icinga 2, our Nagios core rewrite on which we’ve started working. At the same time we’ve continued to improve the Icinga 1.x branch, picking up performance in Icinga Core and IDOUtils.

Classic UI was fitted out with pagination, date picker dialogues and extra configuration views, while Icinga Web got a new improved status map, event integration and a new credentials model for greater performance. 

Both Icinga Reporting and Docs were given a facelift, the first with revamped templates and a new morning report, the second redesigned for easier navigation.

On the side, we introduced new project areas – Icinga source snapshots and most notably the Icinga VMs that now cover OpenSUSE, CentOS and Debian. These were thanks to new team members, that have also taken us to a group of 26 from the world over. 

The community grew too, which we noticed at events such as this year’s OSMC, TF-NOC meeting in Dublin, Chemnitz Linux Days, Vienna Linux Week, SAGE@GUUG, Linux Tag and RootCamp all in Berlin. Perhaps most telling of all was to watch downloads of Core and Web pass the 195,000 mark.

All this was possible thanks to your support on the dev tracker, mailing lists, IRC and forum. We’re looking forward to making 2013 an even bigger year!