Long story short – another bugfix release for Icinga Core/ClassicUI/IDOUtils on the 1.8.x is ready for you to download and upgrade. Before you ask – Icinga Web & Reporting 1.8.1 are being worked on, so help test to make them happen sooner 🙂
1.8.2 contains only bugfixes, but one slight config introduction, sourcing from state based escalation ranges which created a disturbance on escalation notifications (#3441). The core does not warn on empty unknown macros anymore too (#3404).
Classic UI introduced a nasty bug for acknowledgements and notifications (fixed in #3329) as well as the command pipe config location was not honored correctly (fixed in #3418)
Other than that, users reported performance problems with IDOUtils which have been addressed and fixed (#3399 #3406 #3408 #3409). Furthermore an unsafe upgrade (not stopping IDOUtils during schema upgrade) created a null instance (#3419). For Oracle, various issues have been fixed too (#3324 #3325).
Special thanks to all testers and patch senders!
Icinga 1.8.2 is available for download on sf.net – packagers will update their packages soon 🙂
As usual, for more information please check the Changelog, keep in touch on the support channels and report bugs and/or feature requests to our development tracker.