The virtual appliances for Icinga Core 1.8.1 and Icinga 1.8 Web are ripe for your picking!
Select from Virtual and VMWare versions of both Core and Web in three different flavours– Debian, OpenSUSE & CentOS.
If you’re curious as to how we’ve improved this round of virtual machines, see our change log below:
* Added a license file to the OpenSUSE VM to access from desktop #2658
* Enabled queries to be identified by instance_name icinga-demo #2657
All VMs
* Made Icinga users password-free for more demo convenience #2625
* Added locales beyond US.UTF-8 #2624
So, download your preferred VM and let us know if you have ideas for improvements, get stuck, or find a bug you’d like to help us with. Don’t forget that the VMs are not intended for production environments – with that in mind, happy testing!