Team Icinga is proud to present the very first milestone release on our way towards a completely new monitoring core – Icinga 2.

What the hell is Icinga 2?

Icinga 2 is our core framework replacement (no GUI), in which we hope to address the shortcomings that were inherited as a fork. To do so we will build it from scratch in C++ mostly, and design a new, ‘component loader’ style core. We’ve completely remodelled the execution of monitoring checks so that services will now be only objects to be queried, which combine to give hosts’ calculated states. Sounds pretty crazy to you? It gets better.
With this new model we can delegate the execution of service checks based on the availability of remote Icinga 2 instances and build in replication amongst them. This should allow us to create a more efficient monitoring engine for large environments, which is easier to configure (object-based!) and communicates via SSL for greater security.
As you could expect, Icinga 2 is all about interoperability. It will run on current and older *NIX platforms as well as Windows, and be compatible to existing addons via an RPC interface and API. Migration will be simplified through a compat layer to Nagios, Icinga 1.x and both UIs.
There are a host of ideas that we’re hoping to move from the drawing board to the Git in the coming months such as business process monitoring and auto discovery out of the box. But enough said – it’s best for you to see for yourself. You can download Icinga 2 the first technology preview v0.0.1 off Github now and browse through our web pages, wiki and roadmap.

What about Icinga 1.x?

Don’t worry; Icinga 2 is a parallel development branch to Icinga 1.x. We will continue to maintain and improve on the Icinga 1.x code base – and have 2 releases planned for 2013 on our public road map to prove our commitment.
This should come as no surprise as Icinga 2 is for testing purposes only – not intended for production environments. With that in mind, we welcome you to test it and share your thoughts on our usual channels. We hope you’re as excited as we are!
More information on Icinga 2:
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