Icinga 1.8 Beta is now available to download and test. Take a peek into the upcoming release while helping us to ensure it’s bug free. Our biggest changes to heed:
Core: Unknown macros are no longer in the output, and log a warning instead (#2291). We recommend affected testers to either edit their configuration (i.e. wrong macros, escape dollar signs with another one) or set keep_unknown_macros=1 in icinga.cfg to revert to the old behaviour.
Classic UI: We’ve changed the CGI GET parameters, added and amended cgi.cfg options, and most importantly, we’ve changed strings in JSON output – see our change log for more details.
Alongside these, there are a couple of enhancements to look forward to:
Core: New command to disable notifications program-wide with expiry times (#905), new option to set a max_check_result_list_items (#3099, thanks to T. Gelf) and when scheduling forced host/service checks, duplicate events are now avoided (#2993, thanks to I. Zvik)
Classic UI: Added pagination (#2725), date/time selection for all date/time input fields (#2576) and a command to delete host downtime and all associated service downtimes (#1572)
IDOUtils: Fixed redundant indexes in MySQL schema (#3018, thanks to Michael Renner) and the insert on duplicate key (#3008). Also re-add missing indexes from #1110 resolving performance issues on all supported rdbms #2618.
Web: Permission of Cronks and categories editable in frontend, host- and servicename credentials, new credential model reduces join overhead, more space in grids due new event integration, running downtimes view, new beautiful statusmap , Code namespace organizing, many many bugfixes (many ;-)).
Reporting: Now supports Jasper Reports 4.7.0, with new morning reports and templates, time-range selectors, and integrated SLA functions for MySQL.
Docs: Reworked the docbook.xsl with new style sheet and tables of contents for all sections, and added a page dedicated to packages.
Please share any bugs you may find on our development tracker. For those new to the testing process, see our wiki and FAQ.
We hope you enjoy the sneak preview!