Dear community,
If you aren’t already counting down with us, Icinga 1.8 will be released soon- during this year’s OSMC, where we will also be presenting. As usual, the 1.8.0 beta will be released a week before. But prior to that, feature freeze usually takes place 2 weeks before beta time – which happens to be now 🙂 Some features on the roadmap might not make it into 1.8 but there’s still plenty to look forward to in  Reporting, Core / ClassicUI / IDOUtils as well as Web.
While working on the last bits and pieces in the lead up to the beta and release, we are calling out for testers of the existing nightly builds or the current git masters (Icinga Web & Reporting master, Icinga Core r1.8). You’ll find some tips on special tests in Icinga Wiki’s testing space. For Icinga Reporting 1.8, I’ve updated the howto while testing myself =)
If you have identified a bug, please make sure to report it in the Development Tracker. Don’t forget to leave your name, so that we may assign the deserved kudos to you  🙂
Thank you in advance for helping out! 🙂