At 7pm, on the first Thursday of each month, SAGE@GUUG in Berlin meets to discuss all things open source and relevant to sys admins. This Thursday I’ll be presenting Icinga. Afterwards, we’ll head off for a beer.
The German Unix User Group (GUUG) has been getting open source people together for over 20 years now and is also host to a System Administrators Guild (SAGE)- hence SAGE@GUUG.
So, we’re looking forward to showing off Icinga to the well-established group of open source professionals there – though probably just as much as the chance to chat and share ideas over a pint or two.
From what we hear, all who are interested are welcome to join; with or without GUUG membership. The event is free but if you want to join for a beer after the event, you need to register, to reserve enough seats in a restaurant close by.
Hope to see you at TU Berlin, Telefunkenhaus this Thursday!