In exactly two months from now on 17 October, we’ll be on the stage at the Open Source Monitoring Conference in Nuremberg. It will be our 4th appearance and their 7th year running, and we expect the usual crowd of monitoring experts and enthusiasts.
We’re looking forward to hearing the latest from Andreas Ericsson on Nagios 4.0, Michael Medin on NSClient++ and Sven Nierlein on Mod-Gearman. Cucumber, Shinken and Zabbix will feature alongside a heap of other cool tools, so the 2 days ought to provide much inspiration for us too.
In any case, we’ll be sharing some interesting developments in Core, Classic (pagination!) and Web with Icinga 1.8 planned around then. We hope to see you there, if not only to clash pitchers of beer over some hearty medieval Franconian fare.