The 6th TF-NOC meeting by Terena, kindly hosted by HEAnet in Dublin, kicked off yesterday, starting with my presentation on Icinga Development. Giving an overview on 3 years of Icinga development, activities and tools to be used especially in the NOC view, talked a bit longer than the regular scheduled hour though 🙂 You can find the slides online, keep an eye on the agenda for the TF-NOC meeting.
Followed by my colleague Robert Wein from ACOnet, giving some special insights how we use Icinga at ACOnet, leading into the final hands-on with demoing and showcasing Icinga.
I’ve prepared a special virtual machine based on the Icinga VMs for the TF-NOC meeting, which includes some best practices and addons pre-installed. For those of you interested, feel free to sneak into the sourceforge download page as well.
But please keep in mind, that this demo vm was created on TF-NOC purpose, and I won’t provide any support for that (unless you’re a TF-NOC participant of course :-)).
The meeting is still going on with some nice insights on best practice tools, such as puppet integration at GRNET, config management at Belnet or an IPv4 and IPv6 plugin wrapper by CSC/Funet.
Today is IPv6 launch day, is your monitoring ready for it? 🙂