Icinga may be intended for Linux, but that hasn’t stopped Windows and Mac users from giving it a go. As such, Mac users have been diligently compiling Icinga to run Mac OS X – a not entirely unrewarding process, but perhaps one to shy from if you just want to play around with Icinga on a monitoring whim.
Thanks to Christian Zigotzky, such impulses can now be fulfilled in the time it takes to make a coffee. Nicely timed against our latest 1.7 release, he has packaged Icinga for Mac OS X.
The disk image contains:

  • Icinga Core (CGIs) with IDOutils
  • NagVis 1.6.5
  • phpMyAdmin
  • MRTG
  • MySQL
  • Check_MK and a check_mk_agent

The package runs on both Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion.
Download the Icinga app from Christian’s website or off our packages page. See the ‘readme’ file for Icinga and MySQL credentials.
Please note the app is not intended for productive environments rather for users to experiment with Icinga on a home computer and easily remove when done.

What’s more, Christian has built in a launcher to make it all the more convenient to start/stop and check on various components and processes. All binaries and their associated libraries are included in the app, making installation a non-issue.
So download, mount and play away!
…But don’t forget to thank Christian for making it possible.