Icinga 1.7 Beta is now out for download and ready for you to test. Help us make sure there are no bugs that we’ve missed. In particular, keep an eye out for:
Core & Classic: Minimised event looping when rescheduling checks, flexible downtime calculations, status map and log improvements. See the Core, Classic & IDOUtils change log for more details.
IDOUtils: MySQL varchar changed to text, idomod and neb module adjustments, as well as fixes to lob handling in Oracle and PostgreSQL timestamps.
Web: New global master config cronk for appkit_admins, new options for saving custom cronks, and many calculations (check execution time, problem duration, performance info) now brought in line with Core & Classic UI algorithms. See Web change log for more.
NOTE: When you upgrade, be sure to update your configs as we have moved and renamed directories:

  • moved bindir/idomod.o to libdir/idomod.so
  • moved /var/icinga to /var/spool/icinga in icinga.spec (upgrade safe)
  • renamed icinga-idoutils rpm to icinga-idoutils-libdbi-mysql|pgsql in icinga.spec
  • –enable-libtap is deprecated, make test now works out-of-the-box with rewritten tests

As usual, please share any bugs you might find on our development tracker. Tips on how to, can be found in our wiki and FAQ.
Thanks for helping us make sure the coming 1.7 release is a good one!