It may be no 1.7 but we do have a release for you today: Download Icinga Web 1.6.2 from Sourceforge now!
As promised, the web team has resolved a bunch of bugs – some of which have resulted in what can be construed as new “features”. These include:
Tactical header a la Classic UI – the status header now is analogous to the one in Classic UI with critical services categorized as ‘acknowledged’, ‘unacknowledged’ and ‘handled’. The header also loads faster and comes with a refresh button too.
Configuration files in etc/conf.d – the previously scattered configuration files can now all be found in etc/conf.d. See our corresponding wiki article on xml configuration.
Tackle Cronk now “Object Info” – the ‘plugin output’, ‘perf data’ and ‘relations’ components of our Tackle Cronk are now integrated into an extended “Object Info” box.
A few may also be glad to hear that we have resolved PNP integration bugs as well as the missing quick tips for various buttons.
For a complete list see the change log below. As always, we welcome your feedback on our dev tracker and ideas channel.



  • Default reporting cronk for admins only
  • Disabled tackle per default #2275 (not ready yet)
  • LDAP TLS feature #1980
  • Logout for HTTP BASIC AUTH #1005
  • Cleaner configuration way, more overwrites #2233
  • Analogue head summary counts to classic interface #2159, #2328
  • Manual refresh counter for head cronks
  • New security layer for new api (DOCTRINE filter chain) #2297
  • Removed useless SQL counts for views: history, logs, notification
  • Fixed old JS objects the JSHINT way (performance, IE compatible)
  • Added tackle components for object info #2132
  • Some UI enhancements (congruent icons, label and locations) #1558
  • More logging, verbose query logging #2277
  • New “simple” searchbox #2353
  • Show downtime type (fixed, flexible) #2076


  • Fixed Auth.Dispatch import group assign #2284
  • Auth dispatcher lowercase fix #2080
  • PNP integration fixes (typo, js errors)
  • Update script fixes #2229
  • Removed unique index from email field #2228
  • Fix for sending commands to slaves
  • Rewritten makefiles for more portable installation #2080
  • Removed all spaces from files (mostly cronk images)
  • Servertime fix if not logged in #1005
  • Automatic width fix for cronks in head bar #2230
  • Global search (CTRL+ALT+F) works not on all browsers
  • QTIP fixes
  • Fixing custom cronk deletion #2155
  • Error handling reporting module #2248
  • Growl stack IE fix (also new layout and icons support) #2194
  • Json error handling if not logged in
  • Doctrine connection handling for modules
  • Fixes for host comments and object_id for info icons #2225
  • Notification view shows random contacts #1987, #2199
  • API and authkey access fixes #2305, #2325, #2326