As many of you are aware, you can visit the #icinga channel on the Freenode IRC Network to chat with fellow Icinga users and several members of the Icinga Team.
As our project gains more users who were looking for a better monitoring solution and found it in Icinga, we’ve seen the number of people hanging out in the #icinga channel cross into the three digit mark several times recently and we anticipate that 100+ users will soon be our constant.
A floor of 100+ #icinga channel users is a solid milestone and is a testiment to our having such a great community consisting of so many wonderful and dedicated people. Having this many people who share an interest in Icinga connected together is certainly a joy for us! And we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continued participation.
Closing in on this milestone is also a good reminder that rather than it just being the handful of hackers that started the Icinga project and those of us who continue to develop it, there are many more people who rely on the #icinga channel to get help, learn more about Icinga and monitoring, or to just kick back and relax with some really smart people.
That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Icinga is now officially registered as a Freenode Group.
Our Freenode Group registration helps us to ensure that the #icinga channel will continue to be there for you and also opens the door to future possiblilities. It’s also the first step of several that are now in the early planning stages which will be focused on IRC and our community.
If you’ve never been on IRC before, or don’t have an IRC client installed just CLICK HERE to come say hello.