As Icinga grows as a project, so too does our user base and the likelihood of people looking for support. There are plenty of channels available to get cheerful assistance from the Icinga / Nagios community. Nevertheless there are some who prefer to pay professionals to take on projects. So to do everyone a favor, we thought we might compile a simple list of companies who offer Icinga consulting services. This may include providing support in installation and maintenance, development of plugins or features and so on.
If you provide support or consulting for Icinga, please let us know!
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NB: Please be aware that we will review all submissions for authenticity, and we require a contact email for this process. We do not intend to promote companies at this stage, simply to provide a list  for users to refer to when seeking commercial support. The Icinga Project will not be held liable for any damages that arise from the use of our website and has no obligations to companies nominated to be listed on our website.