This month, Icinga has been featured in the German language iX Magazine. In a 3 part series, Sebastian Hetze offers readers a comprehensive introduction to Icinga.
Part 1 in the October edition, titled “Die Server stets im Blick” gives an overview of Icinga and SNMP monitoring, common plugins and a basic configuration.
Part 2 in the November edition just out, is titled “Faktor Mensch” and looks at managing notifications, alert escalation and downtimes among others.
Part 3  in the December edition to come, will consider the different ways to make use of returned monitoring values, such as SLA reporting, visualisation and inventory.
Best of all, we can vouch for these articles as the author came along to our Icinga Team Meet at the Linux Hotel earlier this year to gather information for this very tutorial. Cheers to Sebastian for the great read!
(Added 16.11.11) Note: Part 3 in the December edition is out.