In the lead up to version 1.6, we have been busy working on a new feature to improve Icinga’s performance in monitoring larger environments – IcingaMQ. Based on the ZeroMQ messaging library, IcingaMQ will improve core functionality in three areas.

At the moment, Icinga can monitor thousands of hosts and services with the help of add ons  such as mod gear man or DNX. IcingaMQ will remove the need for such external plugins, integrating service check distribution to multiple instances into the Core project.

Secondly, IcingaMQ will make NEB (Nagios Event Broker) events available to external clients. What previously was multiple NEB modules docked onto the core, IcingaMQ will be able to offer in one – improving Icinga’s and in particular IDOUtils’, performance.

In addition, API queries will no longer need to be run through the command pipe as IcingaMQ will enable Icinga Core to perform API commands itself. This will allow information such as confirmation of check execution, to be gathered too.

All in all IcingaMQ will make distributed environments faster, more efficient and easier to manage. It will be offered as an optional NEB module to add to the core. So you will be able to specify checks to be made via IcingaMQ and user access to the event and API interface in the configuration.

Cheers to our Core team for the ongoing work, and thanks must also go to the active community behind ZeroMQ, for their compact library that is helping us to make IcingaMQ.

Fingers crossed, we may have a prototype out as early as the next release. We hope you look forward to the coming developments as much as we do.