Icinga New Web was always designed with the larger organisation in mind. Often in such networks, Active Directory is used to manage the authentication and authorization of many users. So it makes sense to integrate the monitoring interface into this existing infrastructure. Luckily, it is very easy to set up Active Directory authentication in Icinga – thanks to a quick guide provided by Sebastian Waitz.
From editing the config in icinga-web/app/modules/AppKit/config/auth.site.xml (or auth.xml) to suit your environment, saving the changes and clearing the cache, to running a tail on the log file and testing the config, the whole process is as easy as cut and paste.
Have a look at Sebastian’s wiki guide, and get in touch with us and others users in the community on the user mailing list, IRC and the Icinga-Portal forum if you need more help. You’re also welcome to add your own ‘how-to’ and share the Icinga love!