Just last week the core team released 1.5.1, and now as promised here is Icinga Web 1.5.2, ready for download. This version was mainly to resolve bugs, but we did manage to slip a couple new features in too:

– IE Java script fixes
– Re-added info icons (Lazy loading, Active, Passive, Notifications Disabled, etc.)
– Check_multi sanitize patch
– Log view fixed
– Missing commands (force host check)
– Fixed email validation – database upgraded to 254 characters
– Status map fixes

– Inherit rights at the group level
– Sort and grouping persistence in grids
– More info for notification view: Host, Service, Contact and Command (Email, SMS, etc.)
In the Icinga Reporting Cronk, the scheduling feature is now complete, which allows users to timetable reports to be sent or saved in the repository at certain dates or over reoccurring periods. The host/service selector has also been fixed so that services from a particular host can be selected.
The Icinga Web 1.5.x releases have been a whirlwind, so we thank you all for your patience, and especially for the bug reports and patches. Should anymore pop up, please get in touch either on the dev tracker or on the various support channels for help.