Just last week we released version 1.5 with a standout new feature: Icinga Reporting in the New Web. Now you can view your SLA reports, host and service statuses all in the same place.
Essentially a Cronk pre-installed in the new web interface, Icinga Reporting consists of two tabs – ‘(On The Fly) Reporting’ and ‘Reporting Repository’ which offer in themselves handy reporting capabilities:

Run Reports in a Couple Clicks

In the Reporting tab, you can run reports on the fly with a couple of clicks. Simply select the report type, time frame and output format, then click on ‘Preview’ to view your report within seconds. 20 templates come delivered with the Icinga Reporting Package; so you can easily analyse your top 10 problematic hosts or services, availability reports, acknowledgement records and more.

Store & Retrieve User-Assigned Reports

In the Reporting Repository tab, the user can retrieve reports intended for them. As Icinga Reporting allows you to schedule reports to be run automatically, these can be either sent to the pre-defined recipient or deposited into a folder for them to access at a later time. Only authorized users may retrieve the reports from the repository – a useful function when reports need to be distinguished by customers or business units.

Scalable Report Generation & Distribution

Another feature that is useful for larger, enterprise environments is its ability to scale to multiple locations or monitoring instances. Icinga Reporting uses an external Jasper Server to generate and send reports in the right format, to meet pre-defined attributes. It can also manage multiple Jasper Servers and multiple Icinga instances for large-scale reporting.
Still haven’t given Icinga Reporting a try?
Demo it now or get started with the configuration guide.
Want to know more?
Read more on Icinga Reporting’s features and how Icinga Reporting works.
We’d like to thank Jaspersoft for their great tool (on which Icinga Reporting is based), the German BVA for their inspiration, and the Web/API team for their hard work!