Now that we have all recovered from 72 hours of Icinga, we thought we’d share a few of the developments (and mischief) made at our team meeting in Linux Hotel:
Testing Icinga
As quality and stability are high on our priorities, we’ve created a subproject especially for Icinga testers. We’re setting up a Jenkins (a.k.a. Hudson) continuous integration system, so you can regularly enjoy fresh builds. But to get it running, we need testers! Please sign up as a tester by simply contacting us!
Improving Icinga Reporting
SLA reporting has been a hot topic in the Icinga team recently – for both the CGIs in Classic Web as well as by expanding the existing database interfaces for Icinga New Web. We hope to see this reporting component integrated into Icinga’s web interfaces as soon as version 1.5.
Mentors for Icinga Team Newbies
Joining the team is a great experience of diving into the deep that is Icinga, its dev tracker, mailing lists and more. To make the transition easier for new team members, we’ve come up with a team mentoring program of sorts. For the first few months, Icinga team Padawans will have a wise old Icingie by their side offering tips and advice. We may call it the Icinga Jedi Apprenticeship. Register here.
Alongside these developments, we also made much progress on the Core API and enhanced distributed monitoring support, transforming our ideas into steps that we will begin implementing in the coming weeks. Also, we managed to plan three releases for next year  – release dates to be announced soon, so stay tuned!

—> Some photos of the weekend!