Every now and again, people say they like the progress made on Icinga Core, but Icinga New Web is not for them. What they often don’t know is that it is possible to download Icinga Core and install it on its own, without the new web interface.

Download Combo: [Icinga Core + Icinga Classic Web]

If you are accustomed to the traditional layout of interfaces like Nagios, or may use a lot of addons which are suited to them, we come to you with a perfect combination: Icinga Core + Icinga Classic Web alongside your preferred database (currently MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL supported). By default Icinga Classic Web doesn’t need IDOUtils in connecting to the database, other than for use with Icinga’s reporting component.
Icinga Core and Classic Web come packaged together, and offer a good stepping stone for those who are first migrating from Nagios to Icinga. The two are very similar to their Nagios counterparts, however enhanced with many more features.

[Icinga Core + Classic Web] = [Nagios (GPL version) + Extra features + Reliable Development]

Icinga Core supports not only MySQL, but also Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. It also receives frequent love and care in form of patches and general maintenance. On the Icinga Classic Web front, current enhancements include:

  • JSON output for accelerated data access
  • CSV export on CGIs to aid addon development
  • Log file search with filters, regular expressions and wildcard capabilities
  • Compound commands to send to multiple hosts/services simultaneously
  • Dependencies displayed in host/service details
  • Tactical overview header to keep an eye on the most important details in every window

For more in-depth information check out:
Icinga Classic Web blog posts and Icinga Classic Web Demo
Icinga Core & IDOUtils blog posts
Icinga Wiki pages on config differences between Nagios and Icinga and the version changelogs

Distributed Systems Monitoring – Install all Icinga Components Separately

Distributed Systems Monitoring: Possible setup with Icinga New Web

In fact all components of an Icinga system (Core, New Web / Classic Web, database) can be installed separately and even distributed across different machines. This is thanks to Icinga’s modular architecture, which ties its parts together through REST, web and plugin APIs.
So, not only is distributed monitoring possible with Icinga- where multiple servers distribute the monitoring load – but also a distributed monitoring system where Icinga Core, UI and database can be scattered across different machines for greater redundancy. In such a case, if one component were to fail, it could be easily replaced without affecting the running of the entire monitoring system.
So what are you waiting for? Test drive Icinga Classic UI or dive in an download the latest Core + Classic combo now.