The new Icinga Web is beloved for its easy to view and easy to customize Cronks. These nifty widgets can be easily customised to show exactly what the user needs, but also easily organised into neat categories.
With the release of v1.3, users could create these categories in a few simple clicks in the new Icinga Web interface:

This is convenient, but some understandably still prefer doing this on the command line. For those who prefer having their configurations in one tidy place when upgrading versions, Sebastian Waitz gave his tips for creating Cronk categories manually in Icinga Wiki.
Simply copy and paste Sebastian’s code with your relevant revisions into the file icinga-web/app/modules/Cronks/config/cronks.xml. To assign Cronks to the relevant categories, call up the desired Cronk templates in the same file, and add the line specifying your desired categories:

<ae:parameter name="categories">mycategory1,mycategory2</ae:parameter>

Check out the full guide in the ‘HowTos’ space, and feel free to browse or add your own guides to Icinga Wiki. Cheers to Sebastian for his contribution!