Just 1 and 1/2 years old, Icinga is getting around and being used to do all sorts of interesting monitoring things. Icinga friend, Herson Esquivel Vargas shared a bit about how Icinga helps to keep  plant and insect species alive at Costa Rica’s National Biodiversity Institute (INBio).

The private research and biodiversity management centre houses a large and precious collection of biological specimens. Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity is essential to their conservation. In the past, this was done manually by staff with thermostats and paper charts.
Now as part of a pilot study, INBio has implemented Icinga, combined with TEMPerHUM temperature and humidity sensors and Sheeva-Plug computers to take over the environmental monitoring work. Along the way, Herson wrote a Sheeva plugin for this task, which he has made available at INBio’s subversion server svn://pulsatrix.inbio.ac.cr/temper_hum/.
In so doing, Icinga has helped to keep the diptera (otherwise known as flies) at INBio in good condition. Check out the full story and Herson’s paper (English & Spanish by request) on the experiment.