If you haven’t already noticed, we have recently launched a new Icinga Wiki.
Find it at https://wiki.icinga.com or under ‘Docs’ of the yellow menu bar at the top of the website.
Powered by Altassian Confluence, our new wiki is more powerful and easier to use than before. Previously a small module component of our Redmine project manager, the wiki is now a fully fledged site in its own right.
Open to all: With this change we have now opened up the wiki to all to view, comment and export data from. If you have an account in our Icinga Development zone, you can log on with the same credentials to create your own pages, edit existing ones and receive notifications when changes have been made to areas that interest you.
Spaces to wander around: There are “spaces” which act as umbrellas for pages or other spaces that fit under a certain topic. We currently have “Community”, “Development” and “How-tos” where you will find pages of guides, our existing documentation and more.
Search everything: Thanks to Confluence, the new wiki has a very powerful search tool, so you can search the entire wiki or just those in a certain timeframe, by a certain person or in a certain space.
Easy to use: The rich text editor makes changing or adding pages quick and simple, images can be uploaded direct from your folder per ‘drag n drop’ as attachments and text can be cut, copied and pasted in and out of pages.
Icinga Wiki on any mobile device: Thanks to RefinedWiki, the new Icinga Wiki can be accessed on just about any mobile device that can get online. It supports web browsers: Safari, Android and Opera Mobile 10, Opera Mini 5.x and 4.2. So by extension, Icinga Wiki can be comfortably viewed and edited on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Blackberrys, Java phones, Windows Mobiles and of course Android phones. Simply enter the url https://wiki.icinga.com and you’re off.
These are just a few things that got us excited about our new Icinga Wiki, but don’t wait to check it and its myriad of features out for yourself. Feel free to play around in the wiki playground before you log on and start creating your own content.
Thanks goes to Atlassian Confluence and RefinedWiki for granting us free open source project licenses to use their great software.