With 2 months down and 2 months to go, Team Icinga is on track for version 1.3. On top of the intermediate v.1.2.1 release which resolved many a bug, additional fixes and new features already ready for the next release include:
API: The host status filter now shows the associated hosts by specified instances correctly and Oracle is ready to run.
Core: The init script shows up errors when stopping stale locks and sysconfig source was added. “–Wall” GCC flags are now set based on the os or compiler to relieve stress on Solaris GCC along with many other fixes to keep Icinga up to date and Nagios compatible.
Web: PNP4Nagios is now available as an integrated module, the config cache can be cleared on the interface and new configure switches to disable API check were added.
Classic UI: CSV export is now available for all .cgi and service states can be annotated with current notification numbers.
Docs: PNP integration into Icinga Web has now been cleaned up and a new quick start doc is available for Icinga Reports.
At the moment we are working on an amazing cronk customizing feature as planned for v1.3 and moving the existing API into the doctrine framework.
Check out the roadmap for issues resolved and features to come. Don’t forget to send us any issues you see, features you’d like and general feedback – they are always welcome.