Day job: Head of Administration, NETWAYS. I look after all non technical aspects, supervising the planning and organization of various conferences and training courses such as the OSMC or OSDC. I happen to also be behind all the graphic design such as website, print and event materials.
Which part of Icinga could you put your name on?
I try to keep all those interested up to date with Icinga happenings through this blog, Twitter and Facebook. Also, I tend to be constantly accompanied by my camera, in hope of catching some candid insider snaps of the team. The Icinga look and feel on and offline has been my contribution from day one, and I love creating buttons and icons on the fly.
What are you currently working on?
Right at this moment, I’m seeking out as many contributors as possible who could help translate Icinga Docs or Icinga itself into different languages. So far it’s going good and the feedback has been really positive. But the door is always wide open for anyone to pitch in! There are many people who like Icinga and want to contribute their bit… and that kind of vibrancy is exactly what Icinga thrives on. We’re watching the queries on Twitter grow, and I try to answer them as soon as possible. This has also led us to start an Icinga Users page that I hope to fill up as we grow – let me know if you use Icinga too!
What attracted you to Icinga? What do you enjoy about working on the project?
For me it is the fact that in Icinga, everyone can contribute what they know best. Everyone simply does what they’re good at and what they like – and I find that that’s noticeable in the software itself. I personally have little technical background, but I know how to produce text and visuals where needed, so there’s a great sense of balance in the team. I also find it amazing that what began as an idea has since taken shape and is still well received. We had hoped simply for positive feedback, but were totally overwhelmed by the positive reaction out there. As you may have noticed, my motives for joining Icinga may be less technical in nature, but hey, we have others in the team who can do the tech part just brilliant.
What was one big challenge or memorable moment while on the Icinga team?
There was no ONE moment for me, rather many exciting ones. Of course May was especially exciting – none of us knew then how the fork would be received. It was a really emotional yet exciting time. Though I must say, there are also those moments when we receive so much positive feedback, such as the applause in the overflowing conference hall at this year’s OSMC, or the first blog post that someone had migrated over to Icinga… those are the moments which leave us really satisfied.
Outside of Icinga, what are some of your other pet projects?
Every now and again, I’m really happy to help out with other addons and plugins such as NagVis, NagTrap and PNP. Aside from this, I’m always around at the conferences and events as a photographer. The big project of the moment is the OSDC coming up in April, a conference on all things open source in data centers. Like every past conference, that’s where most of my ‘to-dos’ are collecting.

What would you bet to be the next big thing in the open source or IT world?

Hmm… that’s a difficult one for me as a non-techie… but I hope that it could cook and take unpleasant phone calls for me 🙂
How do you like to spend your time away from the keyboard and monitor?
I must admit that I do really spend a lot of time at the PC. Those times when I’m offline, I really enjoy taking photos and travelling. Embarrassingly, I must say that I have neglected much of Europe, which I most certainly hope to make good with a few weekend trips this year.
What’s your two cents on Icinga?
I’m simply happy to be part of the project, working with such a nice team with so many different people in such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I just hope that as many people as possible use Icinga and keep us going with their feedback. Personally, I think Icinga is awesome 🙂