You say “Eee-Chingaa”, I say “Aye-Singa”… but how do the Zulus say it?
We consulted a couple Zulu speakers and even received a pronunciation guide from Megan Wells  to help us all out. As she told us:
“The ‘c’ in Icinga is actually a Romanized representation of the Zulu click. The easiest way to approximate the click is by putting your tongue behind your top teeth and pulling it down, kind of like a “tsk-tsk” noise. The vowels on either side of the click are “eee” noises, like in ‘see’. There is no hard ‘g’ sound in Icinga – the ‘ng’ is pronounced like the end of ‘sing’. Finally, the ‘a’ is pronounced like the “a” in ‘father’”.
Just to be safe, we’ve thrown in a voice demo:

Icinga voice clip

Have fun and “Go…Eee-tsk-eeengah”!