Do you use Google Chrome/Chromium web browser? if so… do you also manage your Icinga services? Well there is  a new add-on extension that will make your life just that little bit more easier! its called Icinga Chromed Status by kepicz
Firstly this is only available for the Google Chrome & Chromium browser!
Get a copy of this extension here
Once you have it installed the configuration is fairly straight forward…


Simply add a valid Username & Password, and then the full URL to the status.cgi (https://your.domain/icinga/cgi-bin/status.cgi) then once you have entered this information you will be updated on the current health of your Icinga service. See below for the different views available…


Gives you a quick visual on where you may be having some trouble.


Gives you a visual on the health of your hosts.


Gives a visual on the health of your services.


A little about the author.
This is a great addition to your Google Chrome/Chromium browser and we thank kepicz for his efforts thus far!