A new release, a new level of performance – Icinga 1.0.2 promises to be faster and well on the way to being fully robust. This release unifies the Core, API and Docs to version 1.0.2 with Web out of beta and into 1.0.1. Have a look below to see what’s been keeping us busy the last 60 or so days:

  • Core code reduced and made more robust
  • Core code detached to its owning modules
  • Module framework defined, extractor and installer
  • Principals now works in one step (one function code)
  • Instances included
  • Ajax driven filters, made some new filters
  • REST/Json api interface (web/api, https://dev.icinga.com/issues/305)
  • New summary cronk (faster, faster, faster)
  • New cronk list (also categories, faster, faster, faster)
  • Single click in the web interface
  • UI Translation (not complete)
  • Docs translations (not complete)
  • Docs can now be converted into .pdf


  • Schedule Downtime for host and all services now works as expected
  • Servicechecks with excluded timeperiods are correctly re-scheduled
  • Fixes for Notification not/incorrectly being sent/calculated
  • Error out if service_description is missing in service definition
  • Added syslogd local facility
  • Use execv for active checks w/o metacharacters
  • Speed up loading retention.dat into the Core
  • Initscripts handle the lock file now correctly and outputs config errors
  • Add event profiling option and dumping entire scheduling queue
  • display_name on host/service defs displayed in classical UI (CGIs)
  • multiple urls for notes|action_url on host/service defs in classical UI
  • Resolved performance issues in IDOUtils, improved SQL queries and upgrade scripts

There was a long list of pending patches on the mailing lists and trackers, so check the changelog for more. As always, your feedback is welcome and we hope you like it!
You can also check out the new features in our updated Demo-System.