Part II of this series catches up on our work on the CGIs – what happened with them since 1.0.1?
Icinga CGIs
Next to the new Icinga web there was some space to fix and enhance the current classical UI (“the CGIs”).
Some minor typo fixes reported by community users have been applied, missing js files have been added and the check_daemon_running function has been modified in order to work with MacOSX again.
The quick search has been added again next to the live search (which is now called “extended search”). During a research on older patches it came up that if a user is authorized for a host all service authorizations views are derived from that. If you don’t want that you can now modify show_all_services_host_is_authorized_for in cgi.cfg to 0 (only if the user is not globally allowed to view all services).
The docs mentioned that display_name on host and service definition would fulfill another displayed name on the classical UI. This is now available exclusively to Icinga in 1.0.2 – if you don’t set display_name, the default host_name/service_description will be used instead.
Thanks to Jochen Bern from LINworks GmbH the CGIs now allow adding multiple urls for notes|action_url on host|service object definition – if you ever needed more of them (like me) 🙂
Stay tuned for Part III – it will catch up on Icinga Core – and a lot of things to talk about =)