Icinga has been growing and in just the last three months we are proud to welcome 4 new faces to the Icinga team.
Joining in March, Alexander Wirt has offered to support the Icinga Coredevelopment team and maintain the official Debian Packages for Icinga alongside Nagios.
As of April, Jannis Mosshammer joined the Icinga Web & API development team, specializing in the module loader architecture. He has already developed Icinga’s first module – Heatmap for Icinga and a module loader howto describing how to create an Icinga-module and setting it up for automatic installation. We’re happy to have him on board with his extensive experience in modern web architecture and underlying framework like Agavi.
Hailing from South Africa, Hiren Patel joined Icinga core to share his Perl and new found C programming skills.
Finally just this month, Massimo Forni too came on board the Icinga Core team to lend a helping hand with his C, Perl and Python expertise from his vantage point in Italy.
We give a big shout out to the new Icingies who we’re very excited to have with us, and swing the doors wide open for anymore fans who might want to actively support the coolest monitoring software on the planet. 🙂