Day job: Hmm… I’d rather not say… Ok I’m unemployed!
What are your areas of speciality in the Icinga team?
Speciality?  Hmm… more like fumble! I like to test the latest git branches to assist with de-bugging anything I can (or understand!)
What are you currently working on?
My master plan? Oh sorry! … right err, well I was attempting to make a Debian package of Icinga however I gave up due to not having “enough” experience in that field. I’ve also corrected some minor typo’s in the English documentation as well as removing some references to Nagios (simple find/replace) but nothing that would place me in good stead to be classed as a true contributor!
What attracted you to Icinga?
Well, it all started out with seeing a twitter post about the fork, and just grew from that! I blogged about my small Icinga set-up (by comparison for what Icinga is capable of!) and then there was one point where I was unsure about how to set-up SMTP queries and that was my fist contact with the Icinga team, it wasn’t long after this I was approached to assist the marketing of Icinga by joining the team… the rest is now history (as they say!)
What was one big challenge or memorable moment while on the Icinga team?
Hmm… tricky but I’d have to say the OSMC, as the team was working on the release of 1.0 RC1 Karolina had sent me a login I could use to view the OSMC (thanks heaps!) and there was a small glitch that caused the delay in the release of the new icinga-web UI. I pulled an all nighter (10 hour time zone diff) so that would have to be it! Oh and of course being asked to join the Icinga Team is certainly up there!
Outside of Icinga, what are some of your other pet projects?
Well I have a few…  the first is one I have been doing since 1995, I’m an Amateur Radio enthusiast. So I like to play with electronics (not scared to take the lid of something to find out why it doesn’t work!) This hobby has so many different aspects to it therefore it suites many people for that reason. My main interest is “Packet Radio” (this is similar to WiFi but mainly done using 1200 baud!!) So I’ve had a hands on for the understanding of networking from that. The second is that I (unofficially) package an application called Me TV. This is a DVB-C/S/T & ATSC program you can receive television! I’ve been doing this since February 2009 (this is where I got my Debian packaging experience from)
What would you bet to be the next big thing in the open source or IT world?
Hmm… I’d like to say “The day without Microsoft” but realistically, just the recognition that there is an alternative and you have the freedom to choose. As for here in Australia, there are not many IT vendors that sell PC’s that have Linux on them, as they have all been lured by the cash incentive to sell Microsoft
How do you like to spend your time away from the keyboard and monitor?
WHAT? why would I want to do that for?  (seriously!) I enjoy spending quality time with my wife Clare! and our moggie (cat) Maisie!
What’s your two cents on Icinga?
Just to ensure that the development continues to grow and that its (Icinga) popularity grows with that.