I am sure there will always be much discussion around the IDO-/NDOUtils database model. In my opinion there are two major problems with the model at the end of the day:

  • Normalization
    The tables have a lot of redundant  information regarding their unique id’s. Different object types have a corresponding id and different object tables. To query a bunch of data you need to join the object and instance tables in most of the cases. This makes it hard to find a specific value without knowledge of the model.
  • Prefix and table names
    Icinga or Nagios as a prefix for every table makes no sense. The reason is that every supported database has schemas to store the tables and that is a better place to distinguish this. On the other hand we have a problem with Oracle to store tables with more than 30 characters.

In addition to that, some other problems like blocking, broker finetuning and loss of performance due to a lack of correct indices on the tables is hard work to do. At the moment, there is no time to change the whole model for every supported database and there is also a chance that the community has interesting suggestions worth first considering.
As a first step we want to introduce a new view layer based on the existing ndo model. A view is a “virtual” database object that queries the original data in the defined target table. I know this is not 100% true for every database, because we have various view types in oracle, but for now it is the only important thing. With this first early version we tried to solve these three issues:

  • Every object table (which has an own object_type in the object_table) includes the correct object_id and a join to the instance table
  • Every table is grouped into a configuration, historical and runtime area, which makes it easier to find a way through the model
  • Every table has a grouped tablename for example ic_hosts_escs (icinga, configuration, hosts, escalation)

In an early stage of modeling I recognized that this will not be the final step and I decided to develop a code generator based on Java. Because it is a drop away thing, there was no focus on performance or style, so please forgive me. You can download the generator here as it is without any warranty.
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You can download the first version of the view model here and run it against your database just check that your prefix is correct. We are looking forward to your feedback and also a rating on this idea.