Since I’m very busy at work this time I just wanted to give you some feedback on my current attempt – IDOUtils with Oracle based on ocilib.
Regarding that libdbi currently doesn’t provide a stable Oracle driver and furthermore, the main interface doesn’t allow prepared statements and parameter bindings, ocilib should be used and enabled during configure.
Currently, I  am preparing a version which works as an addon to IDOUtils with libdbi, meaning that the libdbi still has to be installed and optional ocilib. Oracle support with ocilib will be enabled using –enable-oracle during configure.
Configure modifications
I have chosen to let ido2db link against ocilib at runtime which gives the benefit of only loading the ocilib and based on that the Oracle libs. The configure flag enables the include directory /usr/local/include where ocilib.h resides and the library directory /usr/local/lib with ocilib. In the first initial version, the path will be hard coded, later I will implement configure flags just as –with-ocilib-lib/inc for more customizations.
The code within configure also enables the include statement for ocilib.h and the #define USE_ORACLE which will be used in the Code to point to ocilib DB handling instead of libdbi – just as NDOUtils Oracle does.

Initscript modifications
Meanwhile because of the linking at runtime it is required to hand the library path over to ido2db since it’s not in systems default library path. If not exported before running ido2db within the init script, error will look like this:
# /etc/init.d/ido2db start
Starting ido2db:/opt/icinga/bin/ido2db: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

And start of ido2db simply fails because of the missing LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This path is defined running configure, so I have modified the to export this environment variable with the concurrent ocilib library path.
#add ocilib lib path to link at runtime if enabled

@ido2db_runtime@ will be defined running configure, the basic setting is done in (and running autoconf 2.61 afterwards to generate configure script).
dnl create ido2db_runtime for

RHEL’s autoconf is quite old (2.59) so I compiled my own static version using this article.
The reason why I am working on RHEL is quite simple – it’s in a VM and already configured with NDOUtils Oracle so the working environment (Oracle DB connection, etc) is already there 🙂
Future plans
So for the first part, ocilib initialization during build is enabled and working. My next steps are
* adapt DB init, connection, passing queries to ocilib
* add Oracle based MERGE queries for the ON DUPLICATE KEY MySQL queries
* rewrite heavy queries to prepared statements/parameter bindings
* improve housekeeping DELETE sequences (since ido2db dies regularly when deleting more thant 500k queries at startup…)
Stay tuned! =)