Download Icinga 0.8.4

Since we decided to give you the opportunity to test the new IDOUtils with re-engineered code for more RDBMs and Postgres support too we were aware of the fact that there would have been bugfixes to apply 😉
There were several issues to fix, not only Postgres but also typos and rewritten queries. We also added some improvements to the code, to mention configure support for manual libdbi detection and also the new version handling for IDOUtils. It’s now the same als Icinga Core, the old fashioned 1.4b8 has been dropped since we implemented a lot of new stuff to the original code.
Following the Changelog what’s been done so far:

  • idoutils: fix failure_prediction_options in tables hosts, services for postgres
  • idoutils: add configure support for manual libdbi detection
  • idoutils: fix typo laste_state (wrong column)
  • idoutils: fix buffer freeing with NAGIOS_SIZEOF_ARRAY
  • idoutils: delete old mysql files coming from ndoutils
  • idoutils: add new version handling, idomod/ido2db now shows version of Icinga core
  • idoutils: rename existing mysql/pgsql files, added upgrade/fix files
  • idoutils: fix wrong typecast in servicestatusdata_add, no more segfault while query preparing
  • idoutils: add experimental db trimming interval option in ido2db.cfg
  • core: fix wrong copyright url for Ethan
  • docu: fix quickinstall guides

Those changes and improvements to the code are worth a new release!
Thanks for testing and reporting bugs and improvements to our mailinglists, dev tracker and here in the blog! =)
PS: Concerning Oracle, I’ve started preparing the code in another branch (edit Makefile for ocilib, rewrite db connection, add parameter bindings for queries and so on). I hope this will be done within the next few weeks and maybe we’ll catch up with another Icinga release before 1.0 alpha 🙂