monitoring_conferenceNot too long ago, Team Icinga was at the Nagios Workshop in Kassel presenting to a sizeable crowd. In October we plan to do it again at the OSMC (Open Source Monitoring Conference), which is also heavily focused on Nagios. Nonetheless, it should be a great opportunity to introduce Icinga to the Nagios experts that will be there and hear some constructive feedback.
By then Icinga should have optimized IDOUtils, API, interface and documentation, as we plan (drum roll) to unveil version 1 Alpha there. Icinga will then be about 6 months old, so we will be able to speak more in depth on the core projects and IDOUTils, such as the new PHP based web interface and give some examples on the application of the API. Our entire Icinga team plans to be there for the formal introduction, so we hope to see some familiar faces once again.